Why Shop With Small Dog Big Attitude

We are a small business amongst the large and larger than life businesses based in Austin, Texas. We are the Small Dogs so to speak, thus our name reflects that fact. We are proud to offer you our own line of fine art decor photographic prints for you home or business as well as face masks / face covers. I have personally photographed all the scenes you will find on our website I am pleased to share them with you. Our face masks are unlike any that you have seen available on the marketplace.

A little history about us. We started our business in April 2017, catering to the needs and wants of small dogs and their owners. We now find ourselves revamping our business due to this COVID-19 fiasco we all find ourselves in at the current moment in time. Our product line was almost exclusively manufactured in China and with the worries of how this virus is transmitted an how long it can survive on varying types of materials I made the decision to shutdown the entire product line as I can not guarantee the virus would not be transmitted via shipment. Maybe I overreacted, but I am okay with that possibility. We'll be back catering to the wants and needs of small dog owners once we find great products at an affordable price made right here in the good old USA.

Our imagery can be printed on a variety of media such as canvas, acrylic, aluminum as well as on fine art gallery quality papers. Our images are also available framed and matted ready to hang on your wall. The acrylic and aluminum prints are exquisite and have a modern contemporary look. We can also print our images on a variety of material such as iPhone and Galaxy camera cases, coffee/tea mugs, clothing and face masks. 

Thank you for stopping by and please pass our store along to your like minded friends and family members.