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Beach Scene Shirts

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Spring is here and it will not be long before Summer is here and those trips to the beach will once again be the trip of choice. So grab your Hawaiian print shirt, you favorite shorts and those comfortable sandals and head to the beach for a little lounging on the beach and sunrise and sunset walks along the waters edge.

But wait...... don't forget your "dogfriend" and their HAWAIIAN SHIRTS!

Made from soft material and fit for summer yet cool enough to wear anytime. This summer protect your "dogfriend" from the sun and those windy days walking the beach. Our cool fabric will have your "dogfriend" feel like they wearing nothing but will be protecting them from those harsh sun rays while helping make your baby more charming and cool.

Your "dogfriend" will be a hit at those pool parties when you both show up sporting a cool looking Hawaiian print shirt.

Just wash in cold water to help keep the colors nice and bright. Do not machine dry.

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