Small Dog Big Attitude

Nose Out Of My Butt T-Shirt

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Well, the shirt says it all. All dogs like to well, you know...... take a sniff and some dogs don't like The Noser.


  • material: polyester
  • size: XS-L
  • pet clothes: Clothing for Small Dogs


NOTE: Below is our referenced size chart for you to use as a guide when ordering.  

Size Length Chest Neck Weight
XS 8-10" 10-14" 8-10" 3-6 lbs
S 10-12" 14-17" 10-12" 6-10 lbs
M 12-14" 17-20" 12-14" 10-15 lbs
L 14-16" 20-23" 14-16" 15-23 lbs


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